Frequently asked questions.

Having launched V1 of iZero June 2020 we are delighted to announce that 2021 we will see V2 of iZero launched.

A new feature of this is the implementation of tax codes and a change in our transaction management away from Stripe. Whilst we continue the final stages of iZero V2 we are delighted to announce that in the interim we have a solution in place which means we are implementing Tax Codes from the 1st April 2021 on all iZero staff members pay.

Weekly payslips and P45s will no longer be accessed via your finance section on iZero until V2 is published. Payslips will be available via an external online porta via our new payment provider - Bright Pay l ( An invitation for this portal will be emailed to you by Friday 9th April. Please check your spam folders if you have not received it by this date. This means you will have a log in for iZero to apply and accept shifts and a log in for Brightpay to access your payslips and manage your pay.

The above does affect how Holiday pay is paid. Historically we have added it to each payslip however this MUST now be requested by the individual before it is paid. On your weekly payslips you will be shown the amount of holiday accrued to date. The holiday year runs from 1st April 2021 – 31st March 2022, therefore if any holiday accrued is not taken in this period it will be lost. Once holiday requests have been booked and confirmed, no work should be undertaken on these days so please be aware of that when booking in work.

ALL USERS MUST re-enter your up-to-date bank details on the system, to avoid late payment. This is essential for you to be paid on time. A new payroll email has been set up for all payroll queries ( Any payroll queries sent to any other email cannot be answered. See below for some FAQs and thank you all for your continued support

Requesting holiday will need to be done on the BrightPay portal, this will then be approved by your line manager

You can click the forgot password and you will have to enter your email address. A link will be sent over to your email to reset your password.

Payslips will not be emailed. They will be available on the Brightpay portal, you can view these whenever you like so please ensure you have a safe and secure Login and Password ( )

If you have an issue with your payslip, please email

Access can be given to a designated person to view payslips for their staff members. Please contact for access. You must have a verified iZero Employer profile

After you have successfully completed a job, your invoice or payslip will automatically get generated at 6am the following Monday, from the moment the invoice / payslip is generated you will receive payment within 30 days to your nominated bank account, please make sure you have added your bank account details.

How payments work:

  1. Every Monday at 6am iZero will produce the worker invoices and payslips from works completed the previous week.
  2. All worker invoices and payslips generated on Monday will be scheduled for payment 23 days from the invoice date.
  3. On the scheduled payment date, iZero will submit your payment to our payment provider Stripe.
  4. Stripe pays the payments directly into the nominated bank account within 7 days this can be sooner.

All your invoices and payslips (19 / 20 tax years) are stored securely in the financials section. When you first navigate to the financials section you will see your financials dashboard, this gives you an overview of your account and shows your invoices generated within the last month.

At the bottom of the financial dashboard, you will see Stripe Payouts, this displays the latest 3 payments that are on the way to your nominated bank account. The (expected to hit your bank account column) is the date Stripe expect you to see the payout in your nominated bank account, this could be at any point during that day/evening, there aren't any guaranteed timings on payouts to your account.

To track when your payout should arrive in your nominated bank account, simply click on the outstanding invoice or payslip button, click on any invoice or paylsip listed and you will see in a grey bar under the job title the payment should arrive in your Stripe, when the box is green it means the payment is on its way to you.

To use iZero as a freelancer you must be either self-employed or registered as a limited company.

To register yourself as self-employed you need to register for and file your self assessment tax return, this can be done here via the website.

When you have registered as self-employed you will receive a UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) number, this can be entered in your account section in profile information.

You are your own advert, make sure your profile has a much detail as possible making it easier for clients to find what you are all about.

Include hi-res photos showcasing yourself in action.

Add a short video introducing yourself.

Check out some of our top-tips on ways to improve your chances of being hired.

To add more photos to your profile navigate to your account section.

Click the my media tab. There you will see the option to add a headshot, head and shoulder shot and a full-length body shot, also below listed other media is where you can add photos of yourself in action or a video link from Youtube or Vimeo, these will be displayed on your profile.

As you may or may not know April 6th 2019 iZero are moving some roles to PAYE Worker Status at the request of HMRC.

PAYE stands for Pay As You Earn. It is the system for collecting tax from your earnings or pensions during the tax year. The tax year begins on 6 April in the year and ends on 5 April in the following year.

iZero operates the Basic Rate tax code.

The BR tax code is the 'Basic Rate' of tax for the UK which is currently 20%, we use this 20% rate due to the fact that majority of the members signed up to iZero are also 'Self Employed' or have other Jobs at either permanent work places of other agencies. As we cannot determine what these other earnings maybe we have acted in good faith to ensure that the PAYE roles on the system are taxed at 20% so this mitigates the risk of any underpayments of tax throughout the year due to unknown earnings else where, hopefully saving the you (the members) any unknown tax underpayments at the year end.

For the members who are not 'Self Employed' but have this and or other employments, HMRC will issue a P800 calculation consolidating all income from all sources and the tax deducted from that income, this form is provided at the the tax year end 5 April. If there is an over payment of tax a refund is automatically generated.

For the 'Self Employed' members they will complete their SA100 (tax return) at the tax year end 5 April, these members will consolidate there income from invoiced works and any P60 information from employers. Once the tax return is completed a tax calculation will either show a tax amount due or a refund.

We are aiming to ensure that the members of iZero have not underpaid tax by the tax year end. By using the 20% (BR) tax we are trying to protect members from underpayments of tax due to unknown earnings from self employment or other income that iZero has no knowledge.

We provide HMRC with RTI reports of all stoppages for Tax, National Insurance, Student Loans and so on, they are aware of the tax stopped and as previously stated refunds will be made either on a P800 or a Self Assessment Tax Return.

If a role you undertake falls under PAYE status it simply means you will now receive National Insurance Contributions on your pay. It also means that you will be automatically enrolled in to a Pension Scheme which will also be deducted from your pay. You can opt out of the pension scheme and then no deductions are made. Simply follow the instructions when you are prompted.

There will be a blue box under any of your roles that are PAYE enabled in your Account > Roles. The first time you log-in when PAYE is in affect you will be prompted to fill in a few fields, once you have filled in the relevant information you won't have to enter it again.

You get paid the same way, automatically with a payslip that is generated for you, this can be downloaded for tax years (19 / 20). We use a secure payment provider called Stripe (Uber use it too so we're in safe hands) to ensure you get paid on time and securely direct to your bank. You don't have to do anything. Your payslip will automatically be generated and stored in your 'Financials' section on iZero with details of when you should expect the payment to land in your account.

No, there are some exemptions such as Actor, Model, Dancer, Magician. If you are a registered as a Limited Company you will also be exempt.

Change is often that annoying thing that happens when we've just got used to everything so we've tried to reduce the impact on you as much as possible. Where we can are working closely with clients and striving to increase your rates even though this increases our costs with auto pension enrolment, holiday pay and national insurance contribution.